Thursday, November 18, 2010

Special Threat @ 2 Lilies

Sorry about not posting this yesterday. It was due to circumstances beyond my control.

Two Lilies; the other class was 2 Roses, seemed uneventful compared to subsequent classes. Dare we make noise in class when our teacher steps out, we were made to lay our heads on our desks and receive strokes from the thin wispy cane our teacher always wended. I bet you that cane hurt more its heavy counterpart. I don't recall lessons in class 2; I remember the breaks for lunch because they were sometime we all looked forward to. Our teacher had a perpetual frown on her face and when she smiled, which was rare, she face lights up.

It wasn't all dreary in 2 Lilies. One day, just a few minutes before we closed for the day, a message came for one of my classmates, Ben Q. It was his 8th year birthday and a cake was brought to the class for the celebration and that wasn't all, a huge Coca-cola truck had entered the school premises. You guessed it!. Cola drinks for the whole school! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaai.

That day, we had fun. The whole school was in an uproar. Our teacher was initially against the idea of cutting the cake in the class but I think the other teachers convinced her to let us celebrate in the class. She kind of dulled the day for us but it was still fun.

Let me tell you this, Ben Q did not receive any beatings from our teacher till the week ended (lucky fellow); not even when his name got written down for talking.

One good thing that came out of this?, it sparked off a wave of birthday celebrations, which had me eating all sorts of cake, in the class, but never to the degree of Ben Q's. A Coca-cola truck in school? top that!

Next week: Forgetfulness and a Wonderful Discovery.


♥ The Lyrical Designer ♥ said...

Nice boy that. Things like that just dont happen in the grown up world any more.. sigh.

Tetekai said...

No, it doesn't. Maybe as adults we look too much at what we can benefit out our generosity or sharing.