Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Memory Spillover
The bf and I were chatting about my postings on my primary school experiences, when I recalled something about my hair; I had jheri curl (insert: Curlt Kit texturizer ) from creche up till kindergarten two. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I was totally adorable. (You will see for yourself next week. I am preparing a surprise)
In One Gold, my mum stopped applying chemicals to my hair, and started braiding it. I had a soft scarp and still do; it was difficult to braid but I loved my natural hair in braids. During Christmas, I got my hair braided with long-stranded-wig and hot-water-curled it.
The last day (Our Day) in Two Lilies, my elder sister hot combed my hair for the last time; remember Miss Addico did not like girls with their hair up in braids, she preferred it short. I spotted a huge afro to school and had a blast. Afro, because I wanted everyone to see I had a lot of hair, which will be cut off before we got to Three Matthew. :)

In the new year, I will continue the series with experiences in junior secondary school. Next week, I will post something small, yet exciting? :)


lucci said...

Lol go Miss afro! My father bribed me into cutting my hair, i think that was in class two my mother was horrified, but the deed had been done.

Tetekai said...

I hope the bribe was worth the loss off your hair. Mothers seem to have a fascination for kids hair papa.

It was either I cut my hair before getting Miss Addico's class or having her put a scissor in my hair and cutting it off herself. It was said that when she cuts your hair, you become 'breya'.

seye said...

LMHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it is spelled jheri curl. Gosh I thought it was jerry

Tetekai said...

@seye: I thought it was jerry curl too under i started my research. :)