Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lovely Me?

Thank you Didi for the wonderful award. This is my second award also and I am excited :), most especially since you have given me the push for a blog post which is not a poem. lol
So here goes:

The Rules:
 I. Answer the questions below
 II. Tell seven random things about yourself
III. Pass the award to 15 other bloggers

I. Questions
1. Name your favorite colour: Earthy colours
2. Name your favorite song: A hymn from the Methodist hymnal: In Heavenly Love Abiding
3. Name your favorite dessert: None; as long as it's not too sweet but is creamy or lemony
4. What pisses you off?: Indiscipline
5. Your favorite pet?: Hands down? Cats, any day. I have been told my eyes slit like a cat's. Meooow
6 .Black or white?: Huh?
7. Your biggest fear?: That I will not live right and die and end up in hell. Tu fiiia akwa (God forbid)
8. Everyday attitude?: Don't go poking into my business
9. Your best feature?: My head; it's cute and has great features. :)
10. What is perfection?: That everything is alright and I am sitting a hamstring by the sea and getting juice handed over to me by ...
11. My guilty pleasure: Chocolates with milk after depriving myself from it for so long. :) the smoother, harder and more melting in the mouth, the better.
This is the blog award

II. 7 Random Things About Me
1. I love my name. It is a reflection of two cultures in my country
2. Natural haired for 2 years and counting. I love the look
3. I will go through high water to defend what I believe in, contrary to pressures to conform.
4. I am not that open-minded and I don't care
5. If I know something, I probably have an opinion about it.
6. I adore the Earth as God make it and I believe we as human beings have to, in our individual way and means, protect and care for it.
7. Sometimes in order to do good, you end up hurting yourself; I am willing to go through that hurt for my friends.

III. I present the Lovely Blog Award to:
 In no particular order (less than 15 though):

1. Baring Testament
2. Matekwor Azu
3. Daixy's Blogg
4. Hopeful Reflections
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prettykay said...

I hate cats.... viva la natural and local

DIDI said...

Congrats Dear,You Totally Deserve it..of

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

You know I have been blog absent for a while, so thanks for the award!