Thursday, January 12, 2012

It Took This Long

It took me twelve days into 2012 for me to post. Howdy, folks! and a HaPpy nEW yeAr to  you. I made no resolutions, same as in the year past.
I am thankful for so many things that happened in 2011; the bad and good, they built and strengthened me.
Last week, I attended a meetup, organised by fellow blogger prettykay (quiet whisper: she is pretty. :)), for naturals (talking about hair). Got to Smoothy's about half past 7 in the evening (I was late but I have a good excuse; I was at my department's end of year party) just in time to join the break out session and missed the discussion on how to take care of your hair. Went with Sefa, my inspiration for going natural 2 years ago, who had had her hair done up in locs recently. prettykay gave me a pretty hair-clipper. I missed prettykay's twit about a smoothie for me when I get there and will have to check in on that offer since I did made it to the event. :) (what can I say? I love smoothies). It was a great meetup with lots of sharing, laughter and advice from professionals who know about natural hair. prettykay said she organised the meetup because she was bored and needed something to do. If the turnout and the success of the meetup was something to go by, then maybe I should be praying for more boring days ahead for her. LOL.

Think, strive to be
Whatever you want to be
I am told
You will be successful
You can make it
Just believe
You will be great
You are not so great
Not in your eyes
Not in the eyes of anyone
You are who you ought to be
Is that enough?
Is not you?
Deep down
You are meant to follow
Lead not

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